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Secret Waterfalls

Many of North Bali’s finest attractions has yet to find their way into the guide books. Git-Git near Singaraja is the most famous waterfall in Bali. It is a beautiful sight that draws dozens of visitors daily. But hidden in the nearby villages are waterfalls which arguably is just as nice.

    Liquid beauty

    Sometimes it takes a short trek to get to them

    But the rewards make it more than worth it. The secluded Ambengan waterfall is 100 meters tall. It ends in two crystal clear mountain pools, that are great to swim in, so remember to bring a towel.

We have brought guests here for years, and we have never seen other tourists – but sometimes groups of monkeys come here to play in the vines above the pools. The Ambengan fall is just one of several ‘secret waterfalls’ you can visit in the landscape around Bali.

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